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2AD (تو.اد) helps you generate passive income by just shortening links. It is highly customizable and offers the best possible user experience!


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Enter a link that you want to share below, and you will be provided a short URL that you can share anywhere, and make money if you are a user!

3 Steps to start earning

Getting started with 2AD (تو.اد) is very easy. You only need to follow the steps below to get an active account that generates you passive income.


Create an account

Creating an account would not take you more than 3 minutes. You only need to provide your email, username and a password. You can also use your social accounts like Google for a quicker registration!


Shorten and share links

After you create an account, you can use one of our powerful tools to shorten links that you want to share. If you have a website, you can easily shorten its links using our fully customizable full-page script


Earn money

Once you share the links with potential visitors, you get paid for each visit to your links based on our payout rates, and you can withdraw your earnings immediately once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount


Immediate withdrawals

When you reach the minimum withdrawal amount for your method of choice, you can request a withdrawal and receive it immediately. You do not need to wait to receive your earnings!

We also offer a variety of payment methods to choose from including cryptocurrency with low min payout amounts. That way you should not have any issue withdrawing your earnings at any time

Highly customizable experience

Unlike other solutions, 2AD (تو.اد) is made to be highly customizable. For instance, you can manage multi shortner website. Even more, you can choose the ad intensity of the ads that appear to your visitors.

If you are a developer and prefer using APIs to shorten links, we've got you covered. We also support a variety of other methods to make shortening links easier and more convenient


10% referral bonus for everyone!

Do you know someone who can also make use of our services? You can invite them using your referral link and earn up to 10% of their total earnings as a bonus from 2AD (تو.اد)!

Referral earnings never expire, which means that our referral program is a great way to make passive income as well, without even sharing links. Of course, you can combine all of these methods to maximize your revenue.

We support multiple payment methods

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